ArmTech can serve your needs in a variety of ways:

We can manage your whole site, working with your marketing team to insure that your website is always up-to-date with your company’s latest marketing and product information. We will insure that your website is not only designed so that it is appealing to web visitors, but also meets the current SEO needs of your marketing efforts.


We can supplement your current web team, adding a level of skill, and providing the support you need to insure your company and product presence on the Internet is at the highest available impact level.

Armadillo Web Design and Technologies implements the latest stable web design technology. We understand dynamic programming, and know how to use it to set your website apart. Using stable database technology your site can dynamically express the current information for your company. Our dynamic websites are designed so that getting the information you need to be displayed on the site is easy by providing you with effective back office screens and tools. We also create secure areas for customer information and client login areas, allowing you to work with clients on a whole new level.

Our Services Include:

Software Development and Consulting
Using C++, JAVA, JSP and other languages we can provide you with software that transcends normal web pages, and allows you to truly interact with your clients. Live Help Chats, real time client transaction reports, product shipment tracking, and dynamic help screens are only a few of the areas we can insure that your site is above and beyond.

Web Design
Our staff has a full spectrum of skills in web design. We can provide new looks, creative animation and games, as well as solid corporate presence models, so that your website enhances your marketing efforts to date.

We create secure and intuitive shopping cart and ecommerce solutions to support a variety of needs and creative ideas. Our real world experience will help you avoid the common pitfalls, getting you on the internet and interacting with your clients in dynamic and profitable ways.

Content Development
We can help you with web content which not only attracts the attention of your clients and web visitors, but also attracts the attention of the major search engines. Our content will make use of your marketing needs, providing you with truly search engine optimized pages. This isn’t a guessing game for us, we understand the Internet as a whole, and can make sure that you have the best possible chance of succeeding where others are led astray.